★ Princess 신데렐라 (ladycloche) wrote in the_winx_club,
★ Princess 신데렐라

Believix! A Winx Club TCG

I just wanted to let everyone be aware of the new Winx Club Online Trading Card Game I started. Dawn was the first member of it, and she told me I should post about it here!

If you don't know much about TCGs online, you should read the TCG 101 section of the site, and if you still have questions, I'm more than happy to answer them. Take a look around, join if you want to, but remember that the deck list isn't complete. ^^ You see, in TCGs, generally decks are gradually made over time and added to the TCG. Oh! And did I mention it's 100% free? It's just a fansite/fangame like most other online TCGs.


Prejoin is running til the end of July. ^^ By prejoining you'll get some extra goodies come grand opening!

Not sure what to tag this... o.o
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